Blue Mountain Humane Society

Diamond, now Heidi, made her way to Blue Mountain Humane Society after being transferred from an overpopulated shelter in Texas.

Heidi stole the hearts of the BMHS team and every visitor who meets her. She has a striking personality and a great smile to match. Like many shelter dogs, she had some dog reactivity. This caused problems with her first adoption, and her previous owners made the difficult decision to bring her back to the shelter.

Heidi strutted back into the shelter, knowing she was going to receive a copious amount of butt rubs and head pats. She spent about 20 days with us until her perfect owner came along. Heidi was adopted on February 16, 2020.

She now spends her days lounging on the couch and getting an unlimited supply of butt scratches. Heidi’s silly personality and joyous smile made an impact on every staff member, community member, and visitor.