New Hampshire Humane Society

Wilson is a stray who came from an unknown background, surviving on the streets of Plymouth NH before a Good Samaritan brought him. Wilson is still working through some challenges so he has been with us for a couple of months.

As adorable as he is, Wilson has had some troubles. He exhibits separation anxiety and he resource guards. These are issues we are working on diligently. It is easy to see that Wilson is a sweet dog who has been misguided and hurt. He loves human affection, will demand belly rubs for days, and has the cutest stump tail that will go a mile a minute even on a bad day.

Wilson already knew sit, down, touch, paw, and speak prior to his visit here. That left our staff confused about why he was never claimed. Shelter life has been hard on him, and we are doing everything in our power to keep him mentally enriched and happy. Wilson gets incredibly excited to see a smiling face, and can’t control the butt wiggles even when sitting!

When he is ready, Wilson’s handsome face and unconditional, unyielding love will make him the love of someone’s life.