Get Ready for Warmer Weather!

Spring is right around the corner. That means it’s time to dust off your sandals and head outside! Below is a short checklist from Pets Best to keep your cats and dogs healthy and active this season.

  • Begin a flea and tick preventive. Depending on where you live, your pet might be on a flea and tick medication all year. If they aren’t, spring is a good time to start them back on a regimen. Ticks carry many harmful diseases, including Lyme Disease. Flea infestations are a pain and can be costly to take care of. This medication is a simple way to keep your pet and home happy and healthy.
  • Limit your pet’s exposure to spring chemicals. Warmer weather means lawn work and is a common time to fertilize your lawn. Be sure to check the product labels and make sure you are using pet friendly solutions. It is also important to keep them off of the lawn during the recommended time.
  • Make sure your plants and flowers are pet friendly. Your flowerbeds are in full bloom, but some of those flowers could be toxic to your pet. Easter lilies, azalea bushes, tomatoes plants and daffodils are all toxic to your pets. Be conscious of the plants and flowers you have in your garden and keep your pets away from those health risks.
  • Get your pet a fresh cut. A trip to the groomer or an in-home grooming session may be just what your cat or dog needs now that the weather is getting warmer. This will help with shedding. Also be sure to keep their nails trimmed to prevent splitting and breaking.
  • Update your pets’ vaccines. With warmer weather, there will be more trips to the dog park and outdoor outings. Make sure your pet has all the required vaccinations and deworming to keep them and other dogs safe.

These are some easy ways to keep your pet happy, healthy and able enjoy the warmer weather with you!