It’s spring, and your pet’s allergies may have sprung

Humans are not the only ones plagued with allergies this time of year. Your furry counterparts can fall victim as well. Typically there are three common allergy categories your pet can suffer from: environmental allergies (atopy), flea allergy, and food allergy. Some common environmental allergies for pets are pollens, mold, and house dust. Allergies in animals tend to affect their skin, ears and respiratory system. Below are some symptoms your pet can exhibit:

  • Itchy feet, face, and ears
  • Discoloration of the feet (reddish-brown color from saliva staining)
  • Red skin, scabs or bumps on the skin (typically in areas they will scratch such as their belly, legs and armpits)

Pet allergies can worsen if they are left untreated. If you notice your pet is extra itchy, it’s best to get them to a veterinarian. A quick diagnosis means for quicker relief for your furry friend.

Inspiration for this blog came from DMV360