National Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 14th was National Pet Obesity Awareness Day. “Fat cats” isn’t just a term for the wealthy–it’s an increasing problem for our furry friends. According to a Pet Obesity Prevention Survey taken in 2018, it is estimated that 60% of cats and 56% of dogs in the United States are overweight or obese. Just like with people, overweight pets are more susceptible to negative health risks such as heart problems, diabetes and painful arthritis.

You might be wondering; how can I tell if my pet is overweight? There are online resources available that outline specific breeds and what their “ideal” weight should be. Here are some quick ways to assess your pet’s weight:

  1. Consult your vet. Your vet is your best resource. Your vet will help you assess your pets weight and can assist you with a plan to control or improve their overall weight.
  2. Be Consistent. Make a feeding schedule and stick to it. Also, keeping a measuring cup in your pet’s food bag will help you keep their portions consistent.
  3. Be Active. Exercise is the easiest way to combat pet obesity. It’s also a lot of fun for you and your pet.

Incorporating a well-balanced diet and exercise regime for your pet should be a focus every day, not just on October 14th.

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