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Humane Society of Manatee County

Graham is a 2-year-old American Bulldog mix who came to the Humane Society of Manatee County more than a year ago after he was found wandering the streets, confused and alone. He had tons of energy and as time went on his behavior deteriorated in the shelter. He was overlooked time and time again, as potential adopters were put off by his lack of manners. He was clearly unhappy. However, finding a suitable adopter was becoming less likely.

Although he was a staff favorite, Graham needed a higher level of professional help in order to find a forever home. He is currently training with our friends at Foster Dog Farms! He is learning so many new things, from basic to advanced obedience. He loves swimming in their pool, playing with their other dogs while at camp, and is becoming a well-behaved dog. We are hoping once he returns from camp there will be a special person who will appreciate Graham and continue teaching him to be a good boy.

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Animal Ark

I’ve had a really rough go of things, but life is starting to look a whole lot better since coming to Animal Ark. I’m June, a sweet as can be, brown tabby female, about 1-year-old. I was severely injured, probably after being hit by a car. No one knows for sure, as I was left in a box outside of a business. The folks here have been giving me the medical care I need, besides lots of TLC, to ensure I recover in fine form. At this point in the process, the Vet believes that, because I have no use of my back legs, I will remain paralyzed. However, they think I have some feeling in my tail, as it does have some form to it and the end of it twitches on occasion! Even with everything I have been through, I remain a happy and outgoing gal who really likes attention. All I need now is a home that will provide the love and care I need to live happily ever after!


Animal Defense League of Texas

Knock, knock. Who’s there?! Honeydew. Honeydew who?! Honeydew you know how perfect we would be as furever friends? I’m a very sweet girl, who is only going to get sweeter as I ripen! You can tell I’m a good melon by my smile and happy-go-lucky personality. Did you know I’m sweeter than watermelon and healthier than honey? So why not commit to the best of both worlds? Contact my friends at the Animal Defense League to learn more about how you can schedule an appointment for a same-day meet-n-greet!


Animal Friends – Pittsburg, PA

This pretty girl is Phoebe! She may be a little nervous at first, but once she warms up to you she loves belly rubs. Phoebe is a very smart dog and would benefit from continued work with positive reinforcement training. Phoebe loves to play with toys and likes to show off her spunky personality. She would do best in a more settled home with children 8 and older and wants to be the only dog.


Animal Protective Association Of Missouri

Jellybean, who made her way to the APA on National Jellybean Day through our transfer program. This is not where she got her name, but just a funny coincidence. She is about 2 years old, is pregnant and heartworm positive, and is currently living with one of the foster families.


Blue Mountain Humane Society

Diamond, now Heidi, made her way to Blue Mountain Humane Society after being transferred from an overpopulated shelter in Texas.

Heidi stole the hearts of the BMHS team and every visitor who meets her. She has a striking personality and a great smile to match. Like many shelter dogs, she had some dog reactivity. This caused problems with her first adoption, and her previous owners made the difficult decision to bring her back to the shelter.

Heidi strutted back into the shelter, knowing she was going to receive a copious amount of butt rubs and head pats. She spent about 20 days with us until her perfect owner came along. Heidi was adopted on February 16, 2020.

She now spends her days lounging on the couch and getting an unlimited supply of butt scratches. Heidi’s silly personality and joyous smile made an impact on every staff member, community member, and visitor.


Humane Rescue Alliance

Meet Bruno! This 5 year old is 50lbs of goofball and love. He was a bit scared at first, but was easily won over with hotdogs and cheese, and is enjoying life in foster care but would love to have a permanent home soon!


Humane Society Naples

Chelsea, a two-year-old mixed breed dog, came to us last year from another area shelter where she was sadly slated for euthanasia for behavioral issues. Our animal care team felt that they could work with her and hopefully save her life, so we accepted her transfer to Humane Society Naples. We made a commitment to understand her issues and work with her to overcome them so she could eventually be adopted into a loving new forever home.

Uncovering Chelsea’s story took some time. When she first arrived at our shelter, she was a perfect angel on her best behavior. But as she settled into her surroundings, she became more assertive and difficult to control. Her early Report Card gave her “failing” grades, so we knew we had our work cut out for us. We knew that there was a lovable, fun family pet inside of Chelsea, and we were determined to help her bring it out.

Chelsea proved to be a highly intelligent dog and a bundle of energy. Not surprisingly, her biggest challenge was boredom – she needed boundaries and rules. Our behavioral team committed the extra time necessary for focused play and training to reinforce her positive energy. And since she is such a smart girl, she quickly learned that following the rules led to positive reinforcement – otherwise known as treats! After several months and hundreds of hours of intense training, Chelsea has become one of our top canine training students. It’s hard to believe that her current report card is even for the same dog! She’s now available for adoption at our main shelter and is eagerly waiting for the right person or family to give her a well-deserved new life-long home.


Humane Society of Coastal Georgia

Katie was found on the road in a rural area. She appeared to be abandoned along with her 8 puppies who were just days old at the time. A passerby stopped to help Katie and noticed the puppies in a closed crate, which had been partially pushed into the woods. This kind person loaded all of them up and brought them here, looking for help. We were able to find a foster for Katie and her babies. All are now thriving due to the many helping hands here.


Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

Kitten came to HSTC as a stray from Indiantown, Florida, reportedly with paralysis of her back legs. X-rays revealed deformities of her spine and pelvis, which are thought to be from birth. On top of all of that, the ten-month-old wouldn’t eat a bite due to severe constipation. With lots of medical care, love, and TLC, Kitten has gone from dragging herself around the streets of Indiantown to walking, running, and hopping around her foster home! She is eating great, playing all the time, and just can’t get enough exploring and cuddling. Our humane society is so excited about her progress and look forward to finding her the perfect forever home for a long, healthy, and happy life ahead.


Humane Society of Tuolumne County

DeeDee is a Staffordshire Terrier who came into our care as a puppy on December 21, 2018. Our sweet and loving Dee was originally found by Animal Control officers, starving in a shed with her siblings, one of whom had already passed. DeeDee did not let her rough beginning interfere with her sweet nature. Over the past year and a half, our staff and volunteers have come to know DeeDee as affectionate, intelligent, playful, and loyal. She has been on many sleepovers with staff and has shown us how she blossoms in a calm and secure environment. DeeDee is still waiting to find that perfect forever family; one with hearts full of compassion, patience, and unconditional love. While we all think of DeeDee as our own, we cannot wait for the day to come when DeeDee will finally experience something she has never had before… a new family and forever home!


Humane Society of Utah

This beautiful lady is Princess. Princess came to us in such a rough state it shocked us (I’ll spare you the photo, it’s truly horrible). We were so worried about her but thanks to a fantastic foster home, our shelter veterinarian, and other caring staff, we were able to nurse her back to health over the last two months.

Princess came to us with a skin/eye infection, Demodex mange, and a large tumor on her abdomen. But with love and great medical care from HSU’s shelter vet, Princess has recovered and her sweet face and adorable little spots and pink skin show her to be the royalty we knew was in there.

Even better, once Princess recovered in a loving foster home, she was adopted! She’s now lounging on the sofa and living her best life, as is right and befitting to such a regal lady.


Nebraska Humane Society

Bo knows what it feels like to be in pain. This sweet, 11-year-old Shih Tzu was surrendered to the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS) unable to see, with severe dry eyes, infected teeth, and significant matting. He was in bad shape. NHS veterinarians assessed his condition and immediately began treatment. His eyes were sightless, itchy, and painful; they needed to be removed, along with several teeth and lots of matted fur. With the lifesaving care Bo received at NHS, he began feeling better and is now on the mend. He enjoys soaking up the sun and strutting around in his handsome tie. He has won the hearts of staff, volunteers, and everyone he meets.


New Hampshire Humane Society

Wilson is a stray who came from an unknown background, surviving on the streets of Plymouth NH before a Good Samaritan brought him. Wilson is still working through some challenges so he has been with us for a couple of months.

As adorable as he is, Wilson has had some troubles. He exhibits separation anxiety and he resource guards. These are issues we are working on diligently. It is easy to see that Wilson is a sweet dog who has been misguided and hurt. He loves human affection, will demand belly rubs for days, and has the cutest stump tail that will go a mile a minute even on a bad day.

Wilson already knew sit, down, touch, paw, and speak prior to his visit here. That left our staff confused about why he was never claimed. Shelter life has been hard on him, and we are doing everything in our power to keep him mentally enriched and happy. Wilson gets incredibly excited to see a smiling face, and can’t control the butt wiggles even when sitting!

When he is ready, Wilson’s handsome face and unconditional, unyielding love will make him the love of someone’s life.

Dr. Crosby

SPCA of Westchester

The kids that take part in our Camp Critter each summer gave him his nickname because he earned his Ph.D. in his Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) Training Program, which is the highest degree—he’s a super-smart guy! He’s been at the SPCA of Westchester for nearly 4 years even though he’s great with kids and does well with some dogs. Unfortunately, he suffers from pretty severe separation anxiety. He needs a person or family where someone is home the majority of the time. It’s a shame because he is so easy going in many ways but not with this. You just have to take one look at him and you can tell he’s a gentle, sweet dog who has so much love to give! He LOVES kids so he does most of our Humane Education Program visits in the schools and with the youth groups who come to the shelter.


The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

Layla is a 5-month-old German Shepherd mix puppy. When she first came to us, she was perilously underweight (clocking in at only 15 lbs) and very dehydrated. After X-Raying her, our veterinary staff determined she had a severe obstruction and needed emergency surgery. During that surgery, they cleared large pieces of fabric and plastic from her stomach. She was starving and had eaten whatever she could find. She was fighting for her life.

That night, Layla went home with one of our experienced staff members so she could be constantly monitored and given IV fluids. But her condition declined rapidly and the decision was made to take her to an emergency veterinary clinic we partner with to get her the help she needed. It was there that the emergency vets discovered she needed yet another surgery, this time to correct her intestines which had folded in on themselves.

Little Layla survived not one but TWO invasive surgeries and just three days later she was up-and-at-’em, enjoying the sunshine in her foster mom’s yard and playing with her toys. There is still a long road of healing ahead for Layla, but she is a fighter and we know she’ll make it through!