Pet Disaster Checklist

Natural disasters, severe weather and other forces of Mother Nature are things we cannot control. These emergencies┬ácan happen at any time so it is important to make sure your family is prepared. And we can’t forget to prepare for our furry friends! Here are some items and tips to help ensure you are prepared:

  • Stick to the basics
    • Make sure your pet is wearing external ID tags at all times
  • Prepare your Pet Disaster Checklist Items (a great resource from the CDC). Ensure you have:
    • Pet carriers, leashes and harnesses for each of your pets;
    • Food and water for at least 2 weeks;
    • Medications for at least 2 weeks.
  • Create an emergency plan
    • Research community resources in your region and make a list of places you can take your pet in an emergency, such as animal shelters, evacuation centers and animal hospitals.
  • In case of a pet emergency:
    • If you can get them to a vet, that is the best thing. However, in emergency situations you need to act as fast as possible.
    • Have a Pet First Aid Kit in your emergency kit.

It is important to understand that emergencies and disasters do happen, preparing for them can help you and your entire family stay healthy and safe!

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