AAWL: From Humble Beginnings to Saving Over 100,000 Animals

Even though pet shelters can have small beginnings, their work has huge impacts on thousands of animals’ lives.

The Arizona Animal Welfare League is the biggest no-kill shelter in Arizona today, but in 1971, it started out of one family’s small house.

Now, AAWL has more than 10 buildings and over 200 kennels to house animals waiting for their forever homes!

It may have started small, but in its 50 years, the organization has saved over 100,000 animals’ lives.

Help Pet Shelters is proud to partner with shelters like the AAWL. We honor its 50th anniversary by providing critical resources to this program and those of other shelters across the country.

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The shelters we support do more than just connect pets and owners; they’re pillars of their community and all of its local animal lovers.

AAWL supports animal foster programs, rural rescues, youth education, and low cost clinics for animals across Arizona in addition to its shelter services.

Without organizations like AAWL and so many other shelters our program supports, hundreds of thousands of animals would still be in dire need today.

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