Shelter Spotlight: AWA of New Jersey

The Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey is making major changes!

AWA is building a new shelter, adoption center, and human education center to help give even more four-legged friends the lives they deserve.

The new shelter will have double the medical space to care for sick animals and allow the dedicated AWA staff to save an additional 1,000 animals per year!

Help Pet Shelters is working with AWA to ensure they have the resources they need to complete this life-changing project, but we need your help to get them to the finish line.

Please make a contribution to Help Pet Shelters today so we can continue to support the Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey and other shelters across the country that are saving lives.

AWA isn’t just dedicated to helping four-legged friends – they’re working to educate the two-legged humans in their community too.

Their new community center will be able to host childrens’ educational summer camp programs, animal care experts, and a host of other community events.

AWA is the perfect example of how shelters aren’t just places where animals stay; they’re pillars of the community that bring everyone together for the welfare of our best companions.

Yet many of these shelters have tight budgets and are struggling to raise funds for their programs. And they’re competing against national groups with similar names and big marketing campaigns.

That’s where we come in. We raise money to support shelters we have screened in states where donors live.

So please, make a contribution today and help us support local shelters like the Animal Welfare League of New Jersey, and make a difference in the lives of their local animals and their communities.