Shelter Spotlight: The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City

The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City’s Ray of Hope Program began as the life-saving partnership between HSGKC and the Kansas City Kansas Animal Services city shelter, giving thousands of dogs and cats a second chance. But it has since expanded into much, much more!

The backbone of this program has always been the Affordable Care Clinic, through which HSGKC has provided veterinary care to their underserved community, including the pets of KCK Animal Services, for over 100 years. But the recent addition of our Ray of Hope Outreach Team has already made a huge impact on the community, providing a lifeline to those who need it most. That’s why Help Pet Shelters is a proud supporter of HSGKC and local shelters across the country, doing the real work for animals in need.

Everything HSGKC does is to keep pets in loving homes.

Just ask Moo Moo! She knows how great the Outreach Team is first-hand! Moo Moo was found as a neighborhood stray—emaciated and in need of medical care for her broken paw– and brought to HSGKC’s Clinic. Because of the dedicated team of staff and volunteers Moo Moo was rescued from a bad situation and adopted into a loving home with warm beds and lots of toys! Stories like hers is why HSGKC exists.

From abandoned mama dogs and cats struggling to feed their babies, to animals with injuries or chronic medical conditions gone untreated; from dogs who have lived on chains in awful conditions to unwanted litters of kittens left in cardboard boxes—local shelters like HSGKC work to save them all and give every animal the second chance they deserve!

Though the Ray of Hope Outreach Program only began in earnest in August, it has absolutely taken off! In the last 6 months, the program has provided over 43,000 lbs of dog and cat food to local families. The program has also provided dog houses, straw bales for warmth, coats/sweaters for outdoor pets, humane tie outs, food/water bowls, and flea/tick preventative medications—all free of charge

Help Pet Shelters is working with HSGKC to ensure they have the resources they need to complete these life-changing projects, and with your help we can help sustain the program!

Please make a contribution to Help Pet Shelters today so we can continue to support The Humane Society of Greater Kansas City and all the other shelters across the country that are saving lives.