Shelter Spotlight: The Oklahoma Humane Society

The Oklahoma Humane Society was created in 2007 with the mission of ending the needless euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets.

This mission is something that the team has been passionately dedicated to, and working to achieve through a variety of community and statewide programs.

These programs include a low cost Spay & Neuter Clinic, Adoption, Foster, a Neonate Nursery, our Statewide Initiative, Compassionate Education for children, and even our Animal Advocacy Program which helps the human and animal victims of domestic violence.

Read More about a few of the OK Humane’s various programs below!


In 2020 alone, the Oklahoma Humane Society helped 3,044 pets find their forever homes through adoption. The OK Humane was able to pull these animals into the program thanks to the over 600 active fosters in our foster network.

The Neonate Nursery:

The Neonate Nursery is committed to saving the tiniest of lives, having rescued 554 kittens and puppies this past year, along with 59 nursing mothers. 

Statewide Initiative: 

The Statewide Initiative travels to rural parts of Oklahoma with its mobile spay & neuter trailer and performed 1,233 spay & neuter surgeries and provided vaccinations for 257 pets this past year!

This is just a snapshot of the work that the OK Humane Society does in the state of Oklahoma, all of which is made possible by generous donors. The OK Humane society is a 501c(3) nonprofit, and receives no tax dollars or government funding; they rely solely on donations to continue saving lives. (sub this for our closing line from the last spotlight  below?)

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