Debra Diamond Grant Winners

The Debra Diamond Memorial Grant program launched in 2022 to provide financial assistance to pet shelters in need. On a quarterly basis, Help Pet Shelters has selected numerous animal shelters to receive a $10,000 grant. Below is a list of winners to date. 


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: July 2022

Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center located in Huntington, New York

  • Dedicated to saving abandoned dogs and cats and placing them into loving forever homes since 1927.
  • They are wanting to use the Diamond Grant to design a new facility so they can continue their mission of helping animals
  • They offer a reading program where dogs work with students who have trouble reading and they offer Pets for Vets which is where veterans are provided free adoptions. 
  • Each year they care for over 2,000 animals through their rescue efforts, adoptions, and their programs.


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: October 2022

Southeast Missouri Pets in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

  • Founded in 1976 
    • They contract with local animal control agencies so they can help lost pets find their homes.
  • They offer low cost spay and neuter services for individuals that meet financial requirements in the SNAP program, they offer a foster program for the pets of women who are trying to escape domestic abuse and don’t want to leave their animals behind, they partner with schools in the reading for life program, and they reduce the cost of adoptions for veterans.
  • They want to use the Diamond Grant to offer low/no cost vaccinations and administer microchips. 


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: December 2022

Ward-Wiseman Animal Haven in Collinsville, OK.

  • Ward-Wiseman is a no-kill shelter and has adopted out over 1,400 animals since its opening in 2008. The shelter plans to use the grant to help upgrade its sheltering and playpen facilities, and also to provide free to low-cost vaccine and spay/neuter clinics.


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: March 2023

Neenah Animal Shelter in Neenah, WI.

  • The shelter plans to use the grant to help upgrade its sheltering and plumbing, and also to improve the quality and strength of the bond between people and their pets. Neenah Animal Shelter has had their doors open since 1962 for all kinds of animals in all kinds of conditions. 
  • They have a LifeFirst™ philosophy is a commitment to never euthanize any animal because of lack of space or funding, but to save, restore and rehome all adoptable animals under our care
  • On average, NAS serves 550 to 600 animals per year. In 2022 NAS served an unprecedented 714 cats and dogs.


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: July 2023

West Feliciana Animal Humane Society in St. Francisville, LA.

  • The shelter plans to use the grant to continue their Guardian Angel Funding which sponsors animals who require extra medical care due to severe malnutrition and special surgeries. The Guardian Angel Funding also assists low-income families that require emergency care to save a family pet that is sick or in need of surgery.
  • This grant will allow them  to continue to save animals that most likely would not have had any options to survive and assist community members in need of care for their beloved pets in difficult situations.
  • West Feliciana Animal Humane Society has capacity for housing for 40 felines and 45 canines, with normal annual intake of 325 animals. However, with the current economic situation in the deep South, their shelter in 2022-2023 has taken in 458 animals and 2023 is on a path of exceeding 550+ animals.


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: October 2023

Hawkins County Tennessee Humane Society in Rogersville, TN.

  • The shelter plans to use the grant to enhance their building by designing proper treatment rooms, fixing their ventilation system, and creating a fund for their spay and neuter program. 
  • They take in over 1,000 animals per year and have been in operation since 1989.


Debra Diamond Grant Winner: December 2023

Easy’s Dog Shelter in Tracy City, TN.

  • They are a small, no-kill shelter located in a rural, low-income county.
  • The shelter plans to use this grant to build an additional shelter building, invest in a transport vehicle to travel to adoption events, and pursue both spay/neuter and vaccine clinics.
  • Their purpose is to relieve the discomfort, pain and hunger of our community’s dogs and find them a home where their care is a priority.