January is National Train Your Dog Month!

Looking for a New Years resolution that includes your pup this year? You’re in luck, because January is National Train Your Dog Month! This is a great opportunity to train your four legged friend! Whether you got a new puppy for Christmas or adopted a pet from your local shelter, here are some great tips and tricks to take into consideration when you are training your pup.

  • Decide on house rules! Before you bring your pup home, set your guidelines. This will help you remain consistent from the beginning on their do’s and don’ts.
  • Give your pet their own space! Set up an area that is just for them, such as a space to sleep like a crate. Your pet will benefit from an area that is their own!
  • Reward good behavior! Reward your dog with positive reinforcement! You can reward. your pet with love, toys and treats! Be sure not to reward bad behavior, it will send your pet mixed signals.
  • Teach your pup good commands! Use their name to teach them to come. If you get on your pets level, call them by name, after they come, show them they are doing a good job with love and positive reinforcement!

If you are having trouble training your pet, check your local pet supply store for dog training classes! These training tips come from Pedigree.com.