September is Healthy Cat Month

September is not only the beginning of fall, it’s also Healthy Cat Month, dedicated to the celebration and well-being of our furry feline companions. During this month, cat owners and lovers are encouraged to spend a little more time caring for and spoiling their furry feline friends. Cats have gotten a reputation for being fiercely independent creatures, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Cats also need the same love and affection as their canine counterparts! Cats are great companions for people of all ages, as they are able to provide an unyielding amount of love and support to their pet parents.

Here are some ways owners can keep their cats happy and healthy:

  1. Visit the veterinarian: How long has it been since your cat has visited the vet? Just like people, it is important for your cat to get a routine yearly check-up to ensure your feline is in tip-top shape. Along with a general checkup, proper preventive medications, such as flea and heart-worm medication and a rabies vaccine, is important. Check if your kitty needs a booster shot.
  2. Keep your cat entertained: Providing your cat with fun new toys is a simple and easy way to keep your cat happy. Don’t think you have to go out and buy a new toy every week. Cats have been known to get creative with what they will play with. A great example of an inexpensive toy is that old empty box you have laying around. Another fun and entertaining way to keep your cats occupied are scratching posts. Scratching is a trait ingrained in feline behavior and scratching posts are a safe zone where your cat can stretch, scratch and care for their claws. It’s better than your couch! Catnip spray can also turn ordinary objects into fun cat toys.
  3. Spend quality time with your cat: Cats love human attention. Cats are extremely intelligent animals and can be trained to do fun tricks. This mental and physical stimulation is great for the cat’s overall health and well-being, not to mention it gives you time to bond with your feline.

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