Winter Care Tips for your Pets

Winter has arrived and it is important to keep your pets protected from the cold. Every pet is different. Some like to be out in the cold, while others prefer to cozy up under a blanket. No matter what your pet favors, it is important to know these tips for the winter season.

  • Be aware if your pet appears cold. Monitoring your dog’s behavior while outside. Whining or shivering these are signs your pet could be too cold.
  • Take your pet outside while the sun is shining–the temperature is warmer.
  • Limit time your pet is outdoors. Your dog’s ears, tails and paws are more sensitive and can be subject to frostbite. When you come inside, bring your pet in too.
  • Groom your pet’s paws properly. To ensure your pets paws don’t get frostbite, trim the extra fur in between their fur. After being outside, rinse and wipe down their paws to remove excess salt and rub their paws with moisturizer to prevent cracking. Consider dog booties as an extra layer of protectant.
  • Get your pet some cozy bedding. When it’s cold outside, don’t let them sleep on the bare floor. Add some warm blankets to their bed to ensure they stay warm this winter.

These are a few tips from Dogs Naturally Magazine. You can see other tips on their website here.